GENESV - Gene Sequence Variability Analysis

Example of the results generated by the GENESV system.
The following files from the analysis of the Dengue-2 virus are available for downloading (see GeneSV paper for details):

Summary_GeneSV.P8_1407.status_20130218.all_64 (# big file # use a gzipped version of the file above)

Citing GeneSV:
A. Zemla, T. Kostova, R. Gorchakov, E. Volkova, D. W. C. Beasley, J. Cardosa, S. C. Weaver, N. Vasilakis, P. Naraghi-Arani: "GeneSV - an approach to help characterize possible variations in genomic and protein sequences", Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, 2014:8, pp. 1-16, doi:10.4137/BBi.s13076. [MEDLINE]

Supplementary Data: